'notonthehighstreet' vs 'etsy' vs 'amazon'

Posted by gail taylor on

Crafters like me want to be able to sell their products at a reasonable price. We can't do this on websites like 'notonthehighstreet', 'etsy' and 'amazon' .

These places take a hugh commission on everything the little crafter sells. 

I believe you have to pay £199 to join 'notonthehighstreet' and every sale they take a commision of 25%. All this extra cost is passed to the buyer!!

'Amazon' also take around 25% of the purchase cost in commission. Buyers need to be aware of this when buying craft items from these stores as this expense will be passed onto the consumer!!

Etsy charge when listing a product over a few months and have so many people listing products on there that mine didn't even get a view!!

So please consumers I'm asking you, if you find a product you like buy it directly from the maker and miss out the middle man!!

You'll find no difference in service and item quality buying directly from the crafter and directly off their website, these crafters then only have to pay 'shopify' or 'ecommerce' for the cost of the website.

By buying off 'Amazon', 'Etsy' and 'Notonthehighstreet' you are lining the pockets of these massive corporations they really don't care about the little man !!